Frequently Asked Questions

What are my payment options?

Our preferred method of payment is Cashiers Check or Money Order. In saying that we will also accept Visa or MasterCard for purchases under $200. For purchases over $200 that you want to pay with Credit Card, please contact us to make arrangements.

When and how do you ship?

We use the USPS to do the majority of our shipping. We ship everyday accept Sunday unless we are at a Gun Show. If we are on vacation or their will be a delay in shipping that will be listed.

What are the return policies?

You will receive a 3 day inspection period on all items. We will accept returns & if the product is returned in the same condition we will issue a refund for the purchase price. If we somehow described the item incorrectly we will refund shipping both ways. If the buyer makes a mistake or changes their mind they will pay shipping both ways.

Will a custom grip increase the value of my gun?

There are two ways to look at this question. There are some collectors that want the firearm to be as close to original as possible and would prefer to have factory original grips. On the other side of the coin there are those that put great emphasis on having a custom set of grips by a known grip maker such as Keith Brown or a beautiful set of stag grip. Ultimately the choice is yours on what you like.

Do you buy grips?

We are always looking for quality grips. If you have any grips you would like to sell please contact us to discuss this matter.

Will I receive the grip shown in the pictures?

Absolutely! There will be no bait and switch at Rogers Guns & Grips. The only grips that we will use a stock photo of are the reproduction grips & reproduction butt plates.