About Rogers Guns & Grips

Welcome to Rogers Guns & Grips, your destination “When Looks Matter”. My name is Jim Rogers and my wife’s name is DeVon “Fred” Rogers. We take great pride in offering you a large selection of factory and custom grips for that special firearm that you care so much for.

My passion for guns & grips began at an early age. While growing up in Eastern Ky. My connection to my father was deeply rooted in his passion for guns. We spent hours upon hours not only hunting, but talking about guns. When I turned 16 in the summer of 1976 the fever went to a new level. Pachmayr grips were unbelievably popular and gun owners were trading in their wood grips for the more shooter friendly rubber grips. I would visit the gun store within a 50-mile radius of where I lived and try to buy any extra grips they had available. Once they got to know me they would save me the grips and also the empty boxes and manuals. This was the beginning of my love affair with grips! My father and I would change grips on the firearms to constantly look for the set that suited us the best. From there I started looking for custom grips made from exotic materials such as Mother of Pearl, Sambar stag, ivory, & horn. From the 1st time I saw my father’s 3 ½’ model 27 with stag grips I was hooked for life. I spent the next 25 years buying & collecting grips as well as Smith & Wesson firearms.

In 2003 I found a “Southern Belle” from Knoxville TN. that agreed to share her life with me. She understood my passion for guns & grips and started going to the gun shows with me. It was with her encouragement that I branched out and opened an EBAY store. What an eye awakening experience that was! I was amazed at the number of people that had the same passion for quality grips that I had. Over the last 10 years my EBAY store has continued to grow and my setup & display at the larger gun shows across the country seems to get bigger every year! In October of 2011 I left the work force to focus on my grip business. Early in 2017, with my wife’s blessing & encouragement we made the decision to open the website.

We hope to be able to fill a niche for those gun enthusiasts that are looking for that special set of grips. Come join us on the never ending journey “When Looks Matter”.